Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Tribute to my Mother!

Today being Mother's Day I thought I will write few words about my Mom.

Just like everyone's Mom, my mother is also a special woman. A God fearing woman I can say. I and my Mom share a relationship that is more like a friend than a parent. I mean that never stopped all the spankings and corrections though! But I hardly would think twice to share anything with my mother. She is like the shock-absorber of my family. She can contain a ton of worries and still be very calm and composed. Though me, my bro and my dad get to her nerves, at the end of the day she still makes our favorite dishes! Her patience is like a perennial river which never runs dry. I can easily write a book on how her life has had a major influence on mine. I am truly thankful to have a Mom like her!

Finally I would like to wish my Mom and all the mothers a very Happy Mother's Day!

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chandu said...

Will wait for the book to get in to market...I will buy it and then read it.. (I dont usually buy books....) :)....